Lucid 3.3 now available as a free download!!!

December 23, 2009 at 10:33 am | Posted in Forum | 6 Comments

It looks like the folk over at Lucid have decided to go with the Freemium model by offering Lucid 3.3 as a free download, while their feature rich flagship 3.5 version is available as a fully supported paid download. I think this is a brilliant move on their part and will see much more widespread adoption of their software. For more information see their announcement.


Next Meeting – Friday 20th April 10:00 am

April 4, 2007 at 3:58 pm | Posted in Forum | Leave a comment

The next meeting of the kikForum will be on Friday 20th April, 10:00 to 12:00 in the Pat Brenan Suite. Stuart Cable will give a talk on Probablistic Identification. We would also like to discuss what sort of keys / key projects Kew should/can develop. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Issues arising from last meeting

  • Standard data formats
    While DELTA is both a standard and a software suite, CSIRO has withdrawn support and frozen development of this tool. DELTA still has the advantage that it is used natively by a number of Key tools and can be imported into Lucid format, while it is not easy to reverse this process. The 'new' TDWG standard, SDD is xml based and supports all of the necessary DELTA directives as well as a number of new features. SDD is however only supported by Lucid and the EFG project at the moment, but being an open standard it is hoped that it will gain a stronger foothold.
  • Need for generic tools for Kew
    One of the presentations involved a map of Madagascar for choosing distribution and comments were raised at how this would be a really useful feature for all of Kew’s key projects and this raised the issue of reusable standard characters & states that apply across keys at Kew. The Malesian key project has had a number of characters and states illustrated and Kew holds the copyright for these and they are available for use. Other possible tools / data sources that would be useful in this respect include images from TOAD and specimen records from Herbcat.
  • Extracting data from existing/developing data sources
    Extracting data from the some of Kew’s growing data sources such as the eFloras databases is possible but it does take a certain amount of manipulation to massage data into the right formats. This effort is however nowhere near as great as 'recoding' the data from original texts.

kikForum Mailing List

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The Kew Interactive Key Forum now has a mailing list. If you would like to be on the mailing list then please follow these instructions:

  • You can either sign up online.
  • or alternatively send an email to In the subject enter the word ‘subscribe’
    • You can optionally follow this with a custom password that you would like to use, otherwise the mailing list will issue you a random password.

Once you have joined the list you will be able to send emails to

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