New Web Based Lucid Key Player available

October 26, 2007 at 2:34 pm | Posted in IdentifyLife, Interactive Key, LUCID, Tools | 3 Comments

The team developing Lucid over at CBIT have been hard at work! They’ve developed an AJAX based Lucid key player that can be installed on a web server, and are looking for people to test it.

Here’s the message I received from them:

A new online player for Lucid3 keys (including SDD compatible keys) has been developed by the CBIT Lucid team. Since this online player is instantly accessible, it will be a much more attractive option for delivering identification keys across the Internet, especially for such users as ecologists, farmers and students .

We plan to release this player early next year, once some additional features have been developed. In the meantime, we are providing you and other colleagues with access to a number of existing Lucid3 keys that we have deployed on the Internet using this new player. Apart from providing a demonstration of the online player, we also would greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide on its performance – did you experience any problems, do you have suggestions on how the player might be improved?

The following link will take you to an Introduction screen, which provides further information about the online player as well as access to a number of demonstration keys.


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